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Sure, you can head out to the shops and pick up one of the many off-the-shelf options you’re presented with. But just how safe are they? Like fingerprints, no two sets of teeth are exactly the same, and when you take into consideration that an ill-fitting guard bought from a store can end up doing more harm than good it’s quite clear that fitted mouthguards are the best choice.

Of course, a guard that’s been bought in a store is going to cost less initially, but if and when it fails when it’s needed the most, you’ll end up spending a whole lot more for the emergency dental work that’s needed.

Invest in you or your kids’ teeth’s future and opt for Ballarat’s best quality custom fitted mouthguards right here at Dental on Errard.

About the custom mouthguards we make at our Ballarat clinic

These are made with your own design inside them, and are then laminated to preserve your design. This not only gives you a fully unique mouthguard, but also strengthens the guard to make it far superior to the alternative single-sheet options. So, if you or someone in your family plays a contact sport and you’d like to do everything you can to ensure their safety, you can’t go past these.

A truly custom design to be fitted to your teeth perfectly

We make everything onsite and can usually have your guard available to be picked up the very next day. Make an appointment today and our experienced prosthetist Leigh Cross will take on board whichever design you have in mind. Choose from one of our standard designs shown at the side or create your very own design for a truly unique end product. View some of our custom work below.

Get in touch with us if you’d like further information

Whether you’re interested in our robust guards, or you’d like to take advantage of one of our other services including emergency dental treatment as well as low-cost teeth whitening and more, phone (03) 5332 6411 or alternatively book online here.

Custom Mouthguards done by Dental on Errard

Have an Emergency?

Accidents happen and tooth ache can sneak up on you. For an emergency appointment, call us on 03 5332 6411 and we will try to accommodate you between appointments or after hours.

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