Correct treatment is everything

Early intervention and correct diagnosis is everything when it comes to your teeth. A small hole can manifest to a very big problem in a short amount of time.

A fine line also exists between a filling and expensive lengthy treatment for a root canal, or worse the tooth extracted.

This early intervention can also be said for children’s teeth.  Often things like a gap between your front teeth could have been prevented by identifying that a muscle attachment of the lip is causing the teeth to pull apart, like the picture below with the lift door prevented from closing!

correct treatment






Orthodontic treatment is often avoided by a simple procedure known as labial frenectomy.  Often called an active fraenum, we remove this flap of mucosal membrane and its spider like fibres that prevent the teeth from coming together (lift door closing!).

early intervention - dental on errard




This patient presented for a check-up.  The parents were concerned about the gap forming in her front teeth. We have now removed the fraenum under a quick GA procedure. Watch out for the progress images as the teeth naturally come together.

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