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Cosmetic dentistry revolves around improving the overall appearance of your smile, thereby resulting in an increase in self-confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry services includes:

Teeth Whitening

If you would like to improve the shade/colour of your teeth we would love to help you achieve that. Our first step is usually to give the teeth a professional clean if this has not been done recently as this often can improve the colour and shade of the teeth to a great degree. Additionally it is no use trying to bleach teeth that haven’t been cleaned as you waste a lot of the bleaching on stain and calculus stuck to the surface of the teeth rather than altering the shade/colour of the tooth itself. Should you like to proceed with bleaching we offer a take home bleaching kit with a specially constructed custom fit tray for your teeth. Read More


Crowns are an excellent treatment option for teeth that have had a hard life, such as teeth with many fillings or teeth which have had Root Canal Treatment. By encircling the tooth and tightly fitting to it they hold the tooth together and can greatly extend the lifespan these teeth, allowing you to hold on to a full set of natural teeth. Additionally for teeth which have a poor appearance and/or have had extensive wear due to grinding or acid wear, crowns can be used to rebuild the shape of your teeth improving their appearance and re-establishing a good bite.


A bridge consists of two crowns for the teeth, one on either side of the gap. These anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth and there is a false tooth or teeth (called pontics) placed in between. The false teeth vary in composition from gold, different alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these. Both natural teeth and implants support bridges.

Porcelain/Composite Veneers

With the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry porcelain/ceramics have come to the forefront as highly regarded cosmetic materials that can be used to emulate natural enamel with high fracture resistance and strength. This has enabled people to have the beautiful smile they always desired and at the same time look natural and lustrous as if they were their own teeth


Implants have revolutionised modern dentistry by giving us an option to replace lost teeth, in a way that very closely replicates a natural tooth. Implants are a two step process , initially we should assess a space where a tooth is missing to make sure there is enough bone and for various other factors. Then we team up with leading oral surgeons and periodontists who place a titanium implant into the bone in that area, this is left to heal and at this point does not rise above the gum. Once the titanium implant is healed, we take impressions (moulds) to begin construction of a porcelain tooth to sit upon the titanium implant in the bone. Once constructed we connect the two together in your mouth, restoring your smile with a tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth and also restoring your bite. Read More

Simple Orthodotics

A removable, one arch appliance attached to the dentition by clasps or similar device which contains some elements capable of exerting pressure on either individual teeth or parts of the arch to achieve tooth or dental arch movement.

ortho - dental on errard 1 ortho 2 - dental on errard
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