Understanding how important it is for a clinic to be able to take care of very urgent issues, we will work hard to accommodate those in need either between regular appointments or, if required, outside regular business hours. There can be any number of reasons for requiring emergency dental treatment in Ballarat:

  • A tooth (or teeth) has accidentally been knocked out while playing sport or due to an accident
  • You were eating a particularly hard piece of food and your tooth chipped or cracked
  • Toothache is causing severe pain and discomfort
  • … and the list goes on

For any and all occasions where you require a dentist in an emergency in Ballarat, our clinic is here for you.

How our emergency treatments work

Our professional and qualified staff are here to ensure the patient remains calm and relaxed, while we work to ascertain precisely what the issue is. A couple of hints if you find yourself or a loved one in an oral crisis include:

Broken dentures – please do not try to fix them yourself, as there’s a high chance you’ll cause further damage. Call us and we will arrange quality denture repair for you.

Knocked out tooth – be careful not to touch its root. Do your best to actually put it back into its socket (handling the crown), and if that’s just not possible, store it in a glass of cool milk. Then call us and we’ll arrange a time ASAP with our emergency dentist.

Speak with us about our Ballarat denture repair and emergency dentist services

Our services stretch from affordable teeth whitening procedures through to fully custom mouthguards and everything in between. If you have any queries in regards to how we can assist you and your family, we are always more than happy to clear things up.

To speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff directly, you can call our clinic on (03) 5332 6411. You can also send us a message if you’d prefer, and when you’re ready to make a booking you can easily do so right here.