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Our dentists at Dental On Errard have extensive experience working with all ages and aim to provide a stress free and seamless dental experience, especially for your children.

As your child’s teeth begin to develop it is recommended that their teeth progress and jaw and bite function is monitored to prevent any major dental issues. Teeth can erupt from as early as 6 months and a full set be established around 3 years of age.

As a parent it is up to you as to when you bring your child to the dentist. However, we do recommend by the age of 3 years that children have their first general examination. 


We suggest bringing your little ones to the dental practice at an early age so they begin to become familiar with the environment, the chair and dental procedures. 

Early exposure can also be informative and begin to cement good oral hygiene practises that continue into adolescents and adulthood.

Dental Tools in Pocket
$1000 for basic dental for eligable patients aged 2 - 17 years old with the Child Dental Benefit Scedule

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