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Dentures can be a positive solution to the unfortunate loss of teeth. At the Digital Denture Centre, we specialise in digital dentistry and manufacture all dentures onsite in our laboratory using the most up to date technology and products.

Whether it be a new set of dentures, an alternative to your existing denture or a repair, our team with over 65 years combined experience are able to help and facilitate the best possible outcome for you and your teeth

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Digital Dentures are simply the best dentures.


Being computer designed and manufactured, they eliminate the need for unnecessary appointments and have the utmost accuracy.

They fit better, are stronger, and there are less appointments ultimately giving you that perfect, natural smile.

What are they made from?

Digital dentures are made 3 times harder than conventional dentures. They are made from a high quality PMMA material and designed using 3-shape camera software available here at Dental on Errard. They are precisely milled to perfection in our state-of-the-art milling machine right here on site

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Why choose digital dentures?

We believe digital dentures talk for themselves! Our experience shows that choosing digital dentures over conventional types enhances overall outcomes for you and your smile.

The process requires less adjustments between appointments, and is much more accurate increasing overall comfort and fit. They are simply better than any previous dentures you have tried.


Our scan technology makes your time with is stress free and simple. The need for uncomfortable alginate impressions is removed, as the name suggests, it’s all digital!

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Implant Retained Dentures

Locator dentures, also known as implant supported dentures are a more permanent and secure solution to false teeth than traditional dentures.


Denture Repairs

We take denture repairs very seriously and prioritise them for a 3 to 6 hour turn around when possible.

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Digital Lab

See more about our fully supported digital laboratory and technology

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