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Custom Digital Mouthguards

We promise to keep you safe!

Preventing those sport related injuries to the mouth is our top priority here at Dental on Errard.


A custom fitting mouthguard is designed to position itself in exaclty the right places of your teeth and gums, ensuring optimal safety.

Compared to store bought versions, custom mouthguards provide a higher level of protection and are less likely to slip out of place during activity. A knock to the face is not ideal at the best of times, but is even more unfortunate when the protection you have organised isn't doing the job.


To be safe, invest in your oral health and go custom. 

With our onsite laboratory, we can have your mouthguard back to you within 5 days and ready for your next game! Our mouthguard process now uses scan technology, which makes the experience a more pleasant one for you and creates a readily available digital file of your teeth if we ever need it. 

Prices start from $140 and may be partially covered by some private health funds.




Consult our team of dentists for your perfect fit this season. 

Custom designs for your custom fit

We have an extensive range of shades and colours to chose from. You can even don your favourite AFL colours! Still can't find the perfect colour combination? We can order any custom colour for you too! Just ask our staff how.

Adding some text or an image is an quick way for us to personalise your mouthguard even further. A phone number, name or logo is easy addition to complete the ultimate design!

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