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General Dentistry

We support the whole family and their dental health

General dentistry is uniquely oriented toward the prevention and control the progression of disease. At a routine visit to your family dentist, you can expect a thorough examination your mouth (including teeth, gums, and other structures), professional cleaning, and a discussion about your dental (and overall) health.

Our general services come under two brackets, basic and major dental. 

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Basic Dental

Preventative Dental

Examinations, consults, bitewing xrays, scale & cleans and fissure seals are all treatments we offer to help support your dental health and prevent decay. Good oral hygiene practises are essential to maintaining dental health in the periods between your appointments. Our dentists and nurses can guide you in the ultimate at home managment.

Basic Dental

Restorative Fillings

Decay can unfortunately erode teeth and cause cavities. Once the decayed tooth is cleared from the site, composite is matched perfectly to the shade of your existing teeth and used to fill the area. Fillings can also be used to restore broken or chipped teeth.

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Basic Dental


In some circumstances where your tooth is severly damaged and cannot be saved, an extraction is required. All extractions at Dental On Errard are completed under a local anaesthetic. 

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Major Dental

Wisdom Tooth Removal

We offer in chair wisdom tooth removal under local anaesthetic. Our dentists are experienced and confident in many types of extractions. In some difficult cases, we can provide referral to an oral surgeon. Our team endeavours to make your experience in the chair and out as comfortable as possible.

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Major Dental

Cosmetic Dental

Re-establishing the appearance of your teeth and overall smile can be done seamlessly a range of cosmetic dental treatments including crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, orthodontics.

Major Dental

Root Canal Treatment

In some cases where a tooth has developed an infection, the nerve of a tooth can become damaged and die. A root canal treatment removes the dead nerve, rids of the infection and cleans and fills the canal to preserve the whole tooth. 

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