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Invisalign is the quicker, hassle free and virtually invisible alternative to braces. 

Using scan, 3D print and orthodontic design technology, step by step clear aligners are crafted to move and adjust your teeth for the perfect straight smile.


Cases range from 3 - 12 months depending on complexity, much faster than your traditional braces!


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Consult with dentist

A free consult with our dentists Dr Jaclyn Ansic or Dr Brandeis McBratney-Owen to discuss treatments options and pricing. 

Any questions you have about your teeth movement, Dr Jackie or Dr Brandeis can help.

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Scan of your teeth

Once you have made your decision to proceed with Invisalign, a 2nd appointment is made to collect records and scans of your teeth. A deposit is required at this appointment.

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Digital ClinCheck

Invisalign will send us a digital ClinCheck (which is a video example of your progress with the aligners). Once Dr Jackie or Dr Brandeis and you have approved the ClinCheck, we can proceed to 3D print your aligners!


Insert aligners

You are well on the way to your straight smile!

At this appointment we will fit your first set of retainers. 

Follow up appointments will be required to track your progress and at home whitening kits and retainers are included at your completion of treatment.

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