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Whether it be clear aligners or active appliances like an URA to move the teeth, or something to keep them in place after orthodontic treatment, we can do it all!

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Same day crowns are so simple with our digital onsite process. A scan of your mouth is used to design a custom fitting crown and then milled onsite ready to be inserted while you wait!

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Protecting your teeth during sport can be simple with a custom made mouthguard. We supply a wide range od colours and designs.

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Sleep apnea

Grinding and snoring are common problems that can be remedied with a dental splint. MDSA, dual, keystone and soft splints are all varieties we manufacture in our local lab.



We have got your back right throughout the denture process! Special trays, registration rims, wax or digital try in's, and the final denture are all included


Teeth whitening

For those wishing to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home, we provide custom fitting trays that can be used with whitening serum.

If you have an appliance in mind that is not listed above or in the list here, please contact us.

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